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XperiFirm Tool - Official Xperia firmware Tool

Download the XperiFirm Tool for Windows. This tool assists in downloading stock firmware for Xperia smartphones and tablets directly from Sony's server.

XperiFirm Tool
NameXperiFirm Tool
TypeFirmware Tool
DeveloperIgor Eisberg
File Size360.24 KB
SupportsMicrosoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)
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Version 5.7.0

Archives: Old Version


The XperiFirm Tool is a free firmware tool that does not require any payment to use.


The XperiFirm Tool is a secure tool developed and distributed by Igor Eisberg.


The XperiFirm Tool is compatible with Windows computers, including both older and newer models, as well as 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


The XperiFirm Tool is an official release from Igor Eisberg and is available to the public for downloading stock firmware for Xperia devices.


The XperiFirm Tool supports firmware downloading for a large number of Xperia devices, including those released from 2015 to the present date.


The XperiFirm Tool provided on this page is regularly updated to ensure the availability of the most recent version.


What is the XperiFirm Tool, and what are its primary uses?

XperiFirm Tool is a free and open-source software tool that allows you to download the latest firmware for Sony Xperia smartphones, tablets, and accessories. It is a small, lightweight tool that does not require installation and can be run on Windows OS.

Primary Uses of the XperiFirm Tool:

  1. Download Firmware: This is the most common use of the XperiFirm Tool. When a new firmware update is released for your device, you can use the XperiFirm Tool to download and install it. This ensures that your device is updated with the latest security patches and bug fixes.
  2. Check Availability of Firmware Updates: The XperiFirm Tool can be used to check if any firmware updates are available for your device. This is a good practice to ensure you receive all the vital updates.
  3. Download Firmware for Different Regions or Carriers: The XperiFirm Tool allows you to download firmware for various regions and carriers. This feature is useful if you are traveling to a different region and need the corresponding firmware, or if you have a carrier-locked device and need the specific firmware for that carrier.
  4. Download Firmware for Older Devices: Sony may not always provide updates for older devices. Nevertheless, you can use the XperiFirm Tool to download firmware for these devices. This can be particularly helpful if you encounter problems with your device and need to revert to an older firmware version.

Download XperiFirm Tool for Windows

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XperiFirm v5.7.0

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XperiFirm v5.6.5

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XperiFirm v5.6.2

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How to use XperiFirm Tool?

In this guide, we will show you how to use the XperiFirm Tool to download the stock firmware for Xperia devices.

  1. Download and extract the latest version of the XperiFirm Tool on your computer. Once you have extracted the XperiFirm Tool, you will be able to see the following files:
  2. XperiFirm Tool Files
  3. Open the XperiFirm.exe to launch the tool.
  4. XperiFirm Tool Open
  5. Once XperiFirm is Launched, you will see the following screen:
  6. XperiFirm Tool Launched
  7. From the left side, choose your Sony Xperia device model name by clicking on the device name.
  8. XperiFirm Tool Device Model Name
  9. Once you click on the device name, it will automatically display the list of model numbers.
  10. XperiFirm Tool Device Model Number
  11. Choose the Correct Model Number of your Device.
  12. XperiFirm Tool Choose Correct Model Number
  13. Once you have selected the correct model number, it will automatically display the list of available firmware based on the various regions.
  14. XperiFirm Tool Available Firmware
  15. Click on your region name (from where you purchased the device).
  16. XperiFirm Tool Region Name
  17. It will automatically display the latest firmware available for your device.
  18. XperiFirm Tool Latest Firmware
  19. Click on the firmware name.
  20. XperiFirm Tool Firmware Name
  21. It will open the Firmware Details dialog box, in which you have to click on the Download button to begin the downloading process.
  22. XperiFirm Tool Download
  23. It will ask you to choose the location to download the firmware.
  24. XperiFirm Tool Firmware Location
  25. Once you have selected the location to download the firmware, the downloading process will begin.
  26. XperiFirm Tool Firmware Downloading Once the downloading process is completed, you can flash or install the firmware using the Sony Mobile Flasher Tool.

XperiFirm Tool – Help and Information

What is XperiFirm Tool?

XperiFirm Tool is a Windows-based application that offers a simple method for Sony Xperia smartphone and tablet users to download official firmware directly from Sony's servers.

On which platforms is the XperiFirm Tool available?

The XperiFirm Tool is currently available only for Windows, and it is not officially supported on other platforms, such as macOS or Linux.

Is the XperiFirm Tool available for free?

Yes, XperiFirm is a free tool designed to enable users to download official Sony Xperia firmware. It is typically available at no charge on our website.

Is the XperiFirm Tool secure and reliable to use?

Yes, XperiFirm v5.6.5 is safe to use. It is a free and open-source tool that millions of people have downloaded and used. It has been scanned by multiple antivirus and anti-malware programs and is clean.

How frequently is the XperiFirm Tool updated?

The XperiFirm Tool does not have a fixed release schedule. Instead, updates are released as needed, such as when new features are added or critical bugs are fixed.

How to use XperiFirm Tool?

First, download and unzip the XperiFirm Tool on your computer. Then, open XperiFirm.exe to launch the tool. Once the tool is launched, select your device model from the left side, then select the desired firmware version from the right side to start the download process. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on How to use XperiFirm to download Firmware.

With which devices is the XperiFirm Tool compatible?

XperiFirm Tool is compatible with most Sony Xperia devices released since 2015.

Is an internet connection required to use the XperiFirm Tool?

Yes, an internet connection is required to use the XperiFirm Tool. The tool downloads the firmware from Sony's servers, so you will need an internet connection to download the firmware.

Where can I find the Xperia USB drivers?

Sony Xperia USB drivers are important for connecting your Xperia device to a computer, whether for transferring files, debugging, or flashing firmware. You can find the original Xperia drivers on the Xperia USB Driver website.

Is there an alternate way to download Xperia firmware?

Yes, there are a few alternate ways to download Xperia firmware. You can use the Sony Xperia Companion (PC Suite) to download the firmware, or you can use a third-party firmware website, such as Xperia Stock ROM.

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