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v5.6.5 (released December 21, 2021)
– Fix connection error when trying to request a list of settings from the Sony server due to API change.
– Template tags (e.g. “dual” and “Wi-Fi”) will no longer be included in the entire device name as they are no longer used in the official device name.
– Wi-Fi tag is now dark red (the double label is still blue). Added implementation of additional titles, which in the future can be displayed in different colours without updating the application.

– Due to this API change on Sony XperiFirm 5.6.2 side, it can no longer receive firmware from Sony and is not supported.

v5.6.2 (released September 29, 2021)
– Fixed inability to download new firmware (such as 61.0.A.14.3 for Xperia 1 III) due to insufficient MD5 check data for firmware files.

– Because MD5 checks are missing for this new firmware, their authenticity cannot be verified. However, if there are corrupt files, opening the document is unlikely to succeed. It shouldn’t be a problem if you download the firmware directly using XperiFirm (not manually).

v5.6.1 (released April 5, 2021)
– Sony Server no longer supports legacy encryption (SSL, TLS 1.0 / 1.1) and requires TLS 1.2+ support. However, .NET Framework 4.0 only supports SSL and TLS 1.0. Therefore, XperiFirm is currently running .NET Framework 4.6, which means it can no longer support Windows XP and Vista (including SP1), and therefore requires less Windows Vista SP2 and .NET Framework 4.6 (or later) are required. To be supported. To install …

– Due to this change, XperiFirm 5.6.0 may no longer be able to download firmware from Sony and may not be supported.

v5.6.0 (released March 20, 2021)
– Uploading OTA updates are useless, as there is no way to remove them manually; therefore, the part is removed.

– Due to migration, older versions of XperiFirm are no longer used or supported.
– Due to the deletion of the OTA update list, “Check All” is no longer required and removed.

v5.5.0 (released October 11, 2020)
– Re-enabled to adapt to the new API not using CDA and firmware updates (i.e. R1A), which is used for the Xperia 5 II.
– Firmware information is available; fill in the list of traditions (CDFs first).

– Due to vigorous enforcement, older versions of XperiFirm are no longer used or supported.
– The “Check All” button is only used to list OTA updates whenever “Enable OTA Updates” is enabled in Editors.
– Submitting OTA updates are not supported for devices using the new API.

v5.4.0 (released June 25, 2019)
– Detects unlocking when using Mono for Linux.

v5.3.8 (released January 11, 2019)
– Fixed “Firmware not available” error for specific firmware currently hosted on a new Sony server.

v5.3.7 (released July 28, 2018)
– Xperia XZ2 firmware shortcut.

v5.2.0 (released Oct 21, 2017)
– The handwriting system is back, fully optimized for the new Sony API. Just click “Manual” and follow the instructions. You do not need to rename files.

v5.0.0 (released May 16, 2016)
– Manage downloads, including a series of files stored on your computer and downloaded to the display.
– Renewal, including check checks and repatriation of defective/bad cats. Just click on “Start”, and the download will try to restart (for larger firmware, the process may take a while).
– Correct handling and error prevention.
– Editor: “Play sound after loading.”
– Buttons “Manual” and “Open automatically” no longer work, so in this version, they were removed. The firmware will permanently be unlocked.

v4.9.1 (released May 4, 2016)
– Added device support (for now, only SmartWatch 3).
– Eliminated the delay caused by loading images of each device.
– Some additional internal changes need to be made as part of adding changes to the Sony database firmware from the old service to the new one. Most of the “modified” firmware will no longer appear in XperiFirm as it is no longer available on Sony flagships.
– Added ‘Available Versions’ sign for those who will not receive the alert if they choose to advertise.

v4.8.1 (released September 29, 2015)
– This should resolve the “Failed to connect to server” error that appears suddenly when opening XperiFirm.

v4.8.0 (released September 26, 2015)
– Updated installation instructions for Linux users!
– Changes have been made to support another server used by Sony to deliver the firmware to support the new firmware released for most devices (such as Xperia Z2, Z3, Z3 Compact, Z3 +, Z3v, Z2 Tablet, Z3 Tablet Compact). and Z4 Tablet) with support for new features. Only devices on this other service: Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia C5 Ultra and Xperia M5.

v4.7.4 (released August 28, 2015)
– XperiFirm now targets the .NET Framework 4.0! You MUST delete the “XperiFirm.exe.config” file (otherwise, XperiFirm will crash on startup)!
– Sony has several corrupted firmware. XperiFirm will now prevent you from downloading them.

v4.7.3 (released June 22, 2015)
– Fixed a minor but very annoying bug that occurred when selecting a device (another device was selected). The device list is now focused again on launching the program.

v4.6.0 (released May 25, 2015)
– An image for each device is now displayed below the launch list. [Requested resource]
– CDA lists are cached at boot, so if you choose a different option or device, you can go back to the previous list without rebooting. Thus, newer versions are retained until you close XperiFirm.

v4.5.1 (released April 29, 2015)
– This release is preparation for better integration with Flashtool done in co-op with Androxyde.
– Changed the CDA rating to match the behaviour of the latest version: secondary rating by market, not CDA. In addition, the revision version is ignored in the ranking algorithm because they are not comparable (i.e., R11A in firmware X is not necessarily newer than R2A in firmware Y).

v4.5.0 (released April 12, 2015)
– Error leading to “Invalid resource file received!” has been fixed on some computers.
– Various other bug fixes and code improvements.

v4.4 (released April 10, 2015)
– Fixed a strange bug causing a delay when opening XperiFirm and “Checking for updates…”.
– Added some icons for devices marked as for Brazil. Some of them are for Brazil and Argentina or Brazil and Chile.

v3.7 (released March 25, 2015)
– Firmware is being checked for availability on the Sony Mobile server when the XperiFirm Downloader window opens. The “Download” option will be automatically disabled for unavailable or incomplete firmware.

v3.6 (released March 12, 2015)
– As of this version, “XperiFirm.jar” is being extracted to “%APPDATA% / XperiFirm / XperiFirm.jar” and will not appear next to “XperiFirm.exe”.
– Mono support for Linux and OS X: Platform-specific methods have been replaced with custom methods to support most platforms with Mono installed.
– Changed CDA list panel headers (for Mono support) and a new busy/idle status icon.
– Hidden bug fixes, code improvements and better error handling.

v3.5 (released March 5, 2015)
– Manual unzip for download manager support! Supports decompressing FILE_ * or * .bin files manually, as long as the firmware is available for download. Includes file checksum verification—supported formats for “Manual” unzipping.
– Improved error handling! If you do not have Java or if it is corrupted – XperiFirm will not run, and an error will be displayed.
– Minor UI tweaks to look good on Windows 8+, in preparation for Windows 10.
– Some hidden bug fixes.

v3.1 (released November 8, 2014)
-Fixed a critical bug causing high CPU usage. Performance has now dramatically improved.

v2.0 (released August 3, 2014)
-XperiFirm will now use 64-bit Java on 64-bit Windows.
– Quickly check the latest firmware versions available for all CDAs for a specific device by pressing “Check All”.
-You can use the Java Runtime Environment bundled with Flashtool by copying XperiFirm.exe & XperiFirm.jar to the Flashtool folder.

v1.0 (released July 31, 2014)
-Download firmware for all Xperia/Ericsson Android-based devices.

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